• Nature of Surf Women: Book launch + surf therapy panel

      Deus Ex Machina, Los Angeles

      Panelists: Ivana Bajic, author of the book Nature of Surf Women, Natalie Small, LMFT, surf therapist and founder of the Groundswell Community Project and Joanna Burga, Co-lead, One Watershed Program, Surfrider Los Angeles and Giselle Carrillo, founder of Los Courage Camps.

      Additional program: Interactive exhibition of women surfers in Costa Rica.

    • Nature of Surf Women Book Launch in Nosara.

      Surrounded with our heriones from the book, friends and surf community we have celebrated the fist book ever made about women surfers in Costa Rica.

    • Nature of Surf Women Kickstarter event in collaboartion with Deus Ex Macina.

      For this special occation, we have organized the fist exhibition of our Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

    • Nature of Surf Women Pop Up Exhibition in collaboration with Goods, Santa Monica.

    • Nature of Surf Women Interactive exhibition for Young Global Leaders Event.

    • Nature of Surf Women exhibition in collaboration with Centro Acuatico Nosara (CAN swimm)

      Profit from the exhibition was was donated to the ' Learn to Swimm Program."