• Women's Surf Film Festiva

    The Group Surf Art Show

    Panel Discussion: Surfing Narratives: Art & Empowerment

    Dive into the world of surfing, art, and writing with an inspiring panel discussion featuring Ivana Bajic, author of "Nature of Surf Women," and writer Lauren Senick “Foam”, Maria Riley, New York Surf Photographer and Natalie Small Founder of '“Groundswell Surf Therapy”.

  • Heal The Bay

    The Transformative Power of the Ocean and its Waves: panel & exhibition

    The importance of female surf communities and the impact of environmental activism on our oceans. Learn about collaboration between scientists and surfers, harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance the process of recovery from trauma and chronic pain.

    Aditional program:

    Photography exhibition: Immerse yourself in captivating stories of women surfers in Costa Rica with audiovisual experience.

    Special Aquarium Tour: Discover the sea life thriving in Santa Monica Bay and gain insights into water quality preservation on tour led by Heal the Bay Marine Scientists.

    Guest speakers:

    Ivana Bajic, author of the book, Nature of Surf Women, Gina Gregory, LCSW and surf therapist, Groundswellcommunityproject, Emily Parker, Coastal and Marine Scientist, Heal the Bay, Laura Rink, Associate Aquarium Director, Heal the Bay and Jason Kutch Ph.D., USC Division of Bio kinesiology and Physical Therapy.

    Special Guests: JoinSurfingmomsDream Team SocietyHang Ten therapeutics

  • Soho House LA

    In Conversation with Nature of Surf Women

    Tuesday, 27 Jun, 5PM - 8PM

    Bring your headphones and join us in the sitting room for an interactive exhibition and panel focusing on holistic healing for women and their communities through mindfulness, surf, and nature. Together we explore the transformative power of the ocean and its waves as a natural elixir for body, mind, and spirit. Join panelists Ivana Bajic, author of the book Nature of Surf Women; Gina Gregory, LGSW and surf therapist; and Samara Zelniker, founder of Mindfulness Matter, as they discuss the profound relationship between women and the ocean in an audiovisual journey with women surfers in Costa Rica.

    • Nature of Surf Women: Book launch + surf therapy panel

      Deus Ex Machina, Los Angeles

      Panelists: Ivana Bajic, author of the book Nature of Surf Women, Natalie Small, LMFT, surf therapist and founder of the Groundswell Community Project and Joanna Burga, Co-lead, One Watershed Program, Surfrider Los Angeles and Giselle Carrillo, founder of Los Courage Camps.

      Additional program: Interactive exhibition of women surfers in Costa Rica.

      • Nature of Surf Women Book Launch in Nosara.

        Surrounded with our heriones from the book, friends and surf community we have celebrated the fist book ever made about women surfers in Costa Rica.

      • Nature of Surf Women Kickstarter event in collaboartion with Deus Ex Macina.

        For this special occation, we have organized the fist exhibition of our Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

      • Nature of Surf Women Pop Up Exhibition in collaboration with Goods, Santa Monica.

      • Nature of Surf Women Interactive exhibition for Young Global Leaders Event.

      • Nature of Surf Women exhibition in collaboration with Centro Acuatico Nosara (CAN swimm)

        Profit from the exhibition was was donated to the ' Learn to Swimm Program."